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Fear and Aggression

Our certified dog trainers at Pawsitive Pup Dog Training use only the most effective force-free science-based training methods available today. We believe that training should be an enjoyable experience for dogs, and that maintaining a calm, positive atmosphere is vital to achieving successful results. At Pawsitive Pup Dog Training, we work with pet owners to create tailored training programs that fit the unique needs of each dog we work with. Whether you have a brand-new puppy or an older dog with some bad habits, we will help you turn your furry friend into the obedient, well-behaved companion you have always wanted.

o    Jumping
o    Excessive barking
o    Fear and anxiety

o    Aggression
o    Not coming when called
o    Nipping and mouthing

o    Hyperactivity
o    Stealing food from counters
o    Housetraining
o    Destructiveness 
o    Bolting through doors
o    Pulling on the leash

We train in your home!  Any breed, any age, any size!
In-home training is the best and safest option for:

o    Adopted and rescued dogs

o    Puppies 8 weeks and older who are not yet fully vaccinated

o    Multi-dog households

o    Anxious and fearful dogs

o    Dogs or owners with physical limitations

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