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Puppy Training

Pawsitive Pup Dog Training’s Puppy School is the perfect place to start your puppy's training journey. We offer a safe and effective training program that is custom designed for puppies of all ages. Our in-home training is a safe alternative to group lessons for your young puppy who has yet to be fully vaccinated. You can start your puppy's training as young as 8 weeks of age. Don’t worry if you have an older puppy, it's never too late to start! Our certified trainers have years of experience and will work with you to develop a training program that suits your puppy's unique needs. Give your puppy the best start in life and contact us today!

Puppy School

o    Basic obedience cues:

  • Come, sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it

o    Puppy proofing your home
o    House training
o    Crate training
o    Leash manners 
o    Proper Socialization
o    Education on common puppy behaviors:

  • Chewing, nipping and biting, jumping, digging, barking

o    Good manners
o    Learn how to avoid problems like:

  • Aggression, fears and phobias, separation anxiety

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