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Fear and Aggression

If your dog is exhibiting signs of fearful or aggressive behavior, do not wait any longer. Fearful and aggressive behavior will not go away on its own, and if left untreated, the frequency and intensity of your dog's behavior problems will likely increase.
Our certified trainers have extensive experience in resolving fearful and aggressive behavior in dogs, and we take a compassionate and unique approach to each individual case. We address the root cause of the behavior and work to resolve it using scientifically-proven modern training and management techniques. Say goodbye to phobias, anxiety, aggression, and shyness as we team up with you and your dog to develop a customized rehabilitation plan that is effective and yields lasting results.

We have effective solutions for:

o    Aggressive behavior on leash
o    Aggression toward people
o    Aggression toward other dogs or animals
o    Fear and phobias

o    Shyness, lack of confidence
o    Generalized anxiety disorder
o    Separation anxiety

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